I had a very small hummingbird stuck in my garage three weeks ago.

The bird was much smaller than the hummers I usually see at the feeders.

It was flitting around near the high ceiling trying to find an escape route, seemingly unable to grasp that the way out was to swoop down and under the door.

I tried everything, including talking softly, holding up a broom for it to land on, and playing hummingbird calls from the Audubon app on my phone outside the door to lure it to safety.

Finally, I locked all the doors leading to the house, left the garage door open, and asked my neighbor to check later on in the day to ensure that the little bird escaped. If so, he could close the door.

When he texted me later, the bird was no longer there!

If you’ve heard this story, my apologies – but it ties in to the very strange happenings since:

Nearly every time I sit on my side porch — my happy place —

one, two, or three hummingbirds visit.

Many times I don’t take pics, but on this particular day my visitor stayed a long time!

Speaking of visitors, Mr. Purple Finch made an appearance the week before the wedding:

… and last week I caught a fawn resting in my neighbor’s backyard!

In other news…

I’ve lost my dog.

Not to worry, she hasn’t gone anywhere, but she’s in love with Bill.

… and that’s okay!

I am just grateful that I can find joy in little things, because spending time thinking about anxiety provoking subjects makes it difficult to gaze through grateful eyes.

XO Lisa ❤️

4 comments on “215 Just…

  1. Lisa, just keep enjoying the goodness of life. Every day opens up a new recipe to sample.

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  2. Beautiful as always ty for sharing

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