Wow, just wow! So much has happened since 4 July!

Let’s get caught up:

I spent five marvelous, exhausting, spectacular, loving, and ‘happy I had my children when I was younger’, days with three of my grandlittles the 7th – 11th.

We had a great deal of fun!

Hung out and played!

Had a couple of guest stars on work conference calls the two days that I worked!

Snuggles, masks, and guests in bed by morning!

We painted ceramics!

Learned about colors…

and ate ice cream afterwards!

Grandma learned some new things too! She learned to expect the unexpected- or I should say, remembered.

I learned that these days it isn’t unusual to be asked by a three year old, “Grandma, do you have a penis?” whilst removing his pull-up to show his so I would know what body part he was speaking of.

Then came my valiant attempt to keep a straight face when told that his mommy does. (Yes, his mommy corrects him daily.)

I had not one second to myself, and can’t believe how fast they’re growing!


grandma made naan pizza (not how mommy makes it) but the little’s verdict was favorable:

and the plates were clean!

The cat that was lost was finally found!

Daddy and Mommy came home to shouts of joy!

Then Grandma and Roxie made it home safe, sound, not too beat up, exhausted, and ready for a nap!


As for the rest of the so much that has happened, stay tuned!

XO Lisa ❤️

7 comments on “Gratitude 206

  1. Oh absolutely! Looking back on this post brought a smile to my face and reminded me of the sheer happy exhaustion I felt! ❤️


  2. I am trying to go back and check some posts when I was away to Montana. Spending time with family near and far is one of the Lord’s most blessed experiences.

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  3. awwww love this Lisa💖

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  4. Beautiful. Really beautiful.

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