Badass Grateful Love

Badassery 1/23-24/2021

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I deserve to love myself!

A truer statement was never written.

I deserve to love myself,

just as I am!

Regardless of the body shamers,

despite judgmental individuals…

people who say they are my friends but make snide remarks behind my back,

those who put me down for doing what I felt was right when it was clear my husband was going to die soon (at that point whatever he wanted, he received… what the hell did it matter),

those who try to turn people against me because I am no longer doing what they want me to do.

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I wish that the realization that it was okay to love myself without seeking the approval of others had permeated my psyche long ago!

But at least it’s not too late

to claim my power

to be myself

and to say,

“I don’t care what anyone thinks, my job is to do what is best for me!”

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There is no room in my life

for doubting myself,

my power,

my resilience,

my self-worth,

my strength!

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You deserve to love yourself!

Just as you are!

Regardless of all of the above.

We deserve to love ourselves!

Just as G-d made us!

Never forget it…

for someone’s reaction to others tells more about their own heart than the individual who their vitriol is directed at…

XO Lisa ❤️ living a gratitude filled life!

5 comments on “Badassery 1/23-24/2021

  1. aguycalledbloke

    Thought provocative Lisa, very much so. You are by all accounts really trekking through mind mazery and discovery.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Beautiful post with lovely pictures Lisa! ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

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