Badass Grateful Gratitude Series Moving Forward

Badassery 11/12 and Gratitude Day 132

Well hello little badass calendar!

No copyright infringement intended

Well I’ll be damned. It’s a two-fer day Badassery and Gratitude all rolled up into one post.

The badass calendar and this badass girl are on the same page today.

However, I am a few days ahead of the calendar. Imagine that!


I have been saying yes to invitations that I would ordinarily say no to lately, and it feels awesome.

Going with my gut instinct.

Definitely going with the flow.

Not overthinking.

Perfecting my badassery without being a bitch.

Being only my true self.

Having fun.

Just letting things happen as they will.

Life is so much easier this way!

An adventure or three is definitely in my future.

So where does the gratitude come in (or out) to play? Aren’t the above nine things enough to be grateful for?

It seems not…

Wait for it:

I am grateful for an individual in my life to adventure with – the one who extended the invitation…

Not ‘official’ and still very early. So shhhh don’t tell anyone.

But I am still grateful – and I’m feeling good!

I won’t say wish me luck, pretty confident I won’t need it, because everything happens for a reason!

XO Lisa ❤️ living a gratitude filled life!

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