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Badassery 10/29

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What does it mean to be in love with anyone, let alone myself?

I haven’t been in love for so long that I need to try to remember how it feels…

Not the teenage I can’t live without that person or I’ll die, heart racing, estrogen soaring, I want to have your babies, dysfunctional love. PhuLeese.

Not the Love means never having to say you’re sorrylove from that ‘70s movie where the lead character dies.

When the nerd in me searched definitions of love, I found some very interesting results:

Love is giving someone the power to destroy you and trusting them not to.

There’s a thin line between love and hate

– MyLittlePwny

That is true… but then we would have to go down the rabbit hole of trust… I’ll leave that for another day.

Getting closer:

Lust is the desire for their body.
Love is the desire for their soul.

– Militant Liberal

I assume (yes, I know what they say about assumptions) that this is modern love:

1. Love is never rushing into relationships 

2. Love is not being jealous

3. Love is giving yourself a chance

4. Love is to stop expecting

5. Love is maintaining privacy

6. Love is avoiding misunderstandings

Ultimately, love is accepting the other for who they are.

Lifehack Lisa Smith Top 6 Definitions of Love That Everyone Should Know

Now the nerd in me weighs in:

Seven Types of Love:

1. Eros: Sexual or passionate love

2. Philia: Friendship, shared goodwill, companionship, dependability, authenticity, and trust

3. Storge: Familial, not dependent of personal qualities. “Given enough time, eros tends to mutate into storge.”

4. Agape: Universal – Charity, altruism

5. Ludus: Playful, casual, uncommitted, undemanding {another word for fuck buddy?}

5. Pragma: Practical, long-term, dutiful, founded on reason

7. Philautia: Self-love

– Neel Burton M.D. Heaven and Hell: The Psychology of the Emotions

After all that, I’m more confused than ever.

What if love were simple?

In its purest form I define love as:



No Judgement

Mutual Respect

and a strong dose of Passion (fully knowing that sex does not equal passion and vice versa)

(come on, I might be getting older, but I’m not dead yet) and yet another rabbit hole to go down another day.

If I stop to think about it, self-love or Philautia (hello nerd) requires the same characteristics.

I need to be honest with myself

I need to be loyal to myself

I stopped judging myself long ago

I’ll leave the passion alone…

In addition, I don’t take any bullshit from myself or anyone else.

So love as an adult on the older side is just as confusing as it was in the younger years

… or perhaps not

Maybe it’s just as simple as not overthinking and not settling.

XO Lisa ❤️ living a gratitude filled life!

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