Grateful for Family

My immediate family is small.

Death hits hard, whether near or far

Family is everything and bonds formed while growing up together can never be severed.

Rest peacefully in heaven my sweet, funny, sensitive, one-of-a-kind, caring cousin Terry.

We had music, laughter, rabble rousing, love of the night sky, family, and love in common.

I know you are at peace, free from pain, unshackled from your demons, and reveling in the arms of all the loved ones who met you in heaven.

I’ll see you again someday, of that I am certain.

Terry Lee Bush 1960-2020

I am grateful for you…

All my love,

Your cousin,

Lisa Mae 💔

7 comments on “Gratitude Day 127

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  2. Jody Johnston

    RIP my old friend!!! Peace be with your family

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  3. what sweet pics of your family. Take good care and sorry for your loss Lisa! ❤️ Cindy

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  4. I’m sure there is quite the reunion in Heaven! Rest in peace, Terry! Love you, sister!

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