Badass Moving Forward

Musings Badassery 9/4

Well hello little badass calendar

Thank you so much

for reminding me that I am

somewhat of a


For instance, I have been saying that I need to clean out my basement for the last five years or so. At least that’s all I will admit to.

I suppose I’ll get around to it one day or someday. Perhaps when I have to.

Maybe when I decide to move.

It would be so much easier just to buckle down and do it when there is no deadline, at a leisurely pace, one or two bags each week taken to the trash or given away.

That would be the easy way to do it, and take time away from things I really want to do.

So although at first glance you seem totally off-the-wall, little badass calendar,

I suppose today I’ll give you this one.

But I won’t think about it too much, because I have better things to do than clean the basement.

XO Lisa

2 comments on “Musings Badassery 9/4

  1. lol. But…it IS an off-the-wall calendar.

    Liked by 1 person

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