Moving Forward

Musings Gratitude Days 81 and 82

Wow, wow, wow! I am grateful for:

Finally getting back to the shooting range on Friday after a very long hiatus- even though my hands are very sore!

Yes, I was aiming for the head and the carotid…

…and even better than that, going with a good friend with whom I can be totally 💯% myself- swear words and all!

…my most awesome Brutus Buckeye solar light, hand-made by a friend (who helped me clean my gun).

…that the hanging dragonfly, gifted by the same friend a year ago found a place as well!

…exceedingly grateful that my wonderful sister and her husband are moved into their new home!

I am overjoyed that they are excited and happy, and that my Aunt’s wish for her house to remain in the family has come to fruition.

What a great Friday and Saturday it was!

I wonder what Sunday has in store…

XO Lisa

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