Gratitude Series Moving Forward

Musings Gratitude Day 71


Today I am grateful for

Eight full hours of





Wake up in the same position I laid down in


In bed early

Wake up

without an alarm


Mind says:

“Now don’t get used to this, it was only one night…”

Heart says:

“Thank you!”

Dog says:

“You mean I rally get to pee at 5:30am? That’s unusual!”

… and I am wide awake at my favorite time of the day.

Early morning quiet darkness

sitting on the front porch

in the chilly morning air

literally hearing nothing but crickets

an occasional car going by

and a small plane engine firing up from the nearby county airport.

The birds are still asleep…

My soul is still

there is peace in my heart

and I am grateful!

XO Lisa

Zoom zoom!

PS- I just heard a bird! Time to wake up and start the day!

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