“And who would you be and how would you feel and how would you live life if you decided to believe that God whatever you believe God to be [Good/Love] only allows each of us to die right on time? Regardless of the circumstances of our death.

What if you decided to believe that it could be no other way? That everyone dies right on time. Even if you don’t understand it. And never will.”

[Tom Zuba, “Permission to Mourn: A New Way to Do Grief” p. 92]

Used with Permission

Are you open to the possibility that this is true?

💛💛💛 YES! 💛💛💛

My younger sister Dana passed away from stage five non-small cell lung cancer in 2004. She had just celebrated her 39th birthday.

My mother passed away from the after-affects of brain cancer surgery and COPD in March 2016.

My father, who had a broken heart and many health issues, took his own life the end of July 2016.

My wonderful husband who opened my closed heart and taught me how to love passed away in June 2019.

Without believing the concept stated above, I do not know where I would be today, but I do know that it would be a very dark place with no Hope. My G-D would not be the loving G-D I believe H-m to be. I cannot imagine the mental anguish I would feel if I believed that any of my family died too soon.

All the days ordained for me
were written in your book
before one of them came to be.

Psalm 139:16

I suggest that if G-D knows when we are going to die, H- also knows how we are going to leave this life to be in H-s presence.

Therefore, who am I to question the perfect will of G-D? Would it do any good if I did? Or am I just making myself out to look like the stubborn, imperfect human being that has no respect for the Deity of G-D?

Do I believe our choices affect these things? Why would they. I sometimes ask myself if I would have made any choices different in my life. My truthful answer is a resounding NO. Because I would have been in the same time and space with the same stubborn mindset at every point in which a life-altering decision happened.

So with that in mind, why would I, a stubborn, imperfect human, think that one different decision could change the trajectory of my life and the perfect will of G-D?

I’ll answer: It’s not possible.

Everything. I repeat, E. V. E. R. Y. T. H. I. N. G., every situation, person, event, decision, career choice, child, partner, husband, was put in my path for a REASON, a SEASON, and a LESSON. Every single one. In retrospect, I may be able to tell anyone who asks what they taught me.

Each event is building up to that glorious day when I will see everyone I love who is now in the presence of G-D.

I believe that upon arrival I will have to answer if I learned the lessons.

But one thing I am sure of: I will die at my appointed time.

Just as everyone else does.

Because my life may be someone else’s reason, season, or lesson.

XO Lisa

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