Blessings Gratitude Series Moving Forward

Musings More Gratitude Day 69

I am still questioning everything as I always do…

Perhaps last night was preparing me for


When I found a not-so-nice message from more than a year ago, felt a response was necessary, and then a blocking party on social…


how exceedingly tired I am feeling from allowing negativity to overtake me from giving too much energy to said negative message and the person who sent it.


maybe I am still pondering the dreams and visits from last night and their meaning.

Perhaps there is no meaning, just blessings intended.

I will ponder the blessings…

of shielding myself

from negativity

the blessings from

my sixth sense

opening up more

the blessings

of me embracing me

for who I am

and who I am becoming…

XO Lisa

Zoom zoom!

2 comments on “Musings More Gratitude Day 69

  1. Anger and bitterness would only give that person power over your mind and spirit. Let ’em go is what I would say.


  2. beautifully said and I’m sorry for the message. It’s hard but it’s there problem not yours so try to remember that!


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