Gratitude Series Moving Forward With

Musings Gratitude Day 60

Today I am grateful for

60 days of being grateful.

Because I can see light

where once darkness reigned,

happiness instead of

continual sadness,


over pain.

Grateful that my

eyes are open

and so is my heart.

Open to change


starting over

and loving

myself first.

Grateful that I

am not

easily influenced –

can see things

for what they are

give thanks

for the good

then exit when it’s

no longer right.


for strength gained

when I thought

I was weak.


that I was fortunate

to experience

unconditional love.

Grateful for


after not thinking

I would make it.

Just some

‘awake since 2:00am

and still awake at 4:06’

grateful musings.

XO Lisa

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