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Musings Beauty Through the Netting

“Mind is like a net, drawn by the needles of past and future. Mindfulness is the way for not getting stuck into that net.”

― Amit Ray, Mindfulness Living in the Moment – Living in the Breath

I had to put a net around my day lilies

to keep the deer out.

I wondered to myself if

I would still appreciate

the beauty of the flowers with the netting in place.

but I realized

that although the net is visible

when I look closely,


can shine through.

I have a tendency to

place nets,


barricades, or


around my heart,

soul, psyche,

when I feel


hurt, or


Some people,

like my Love Larry,

can see through the facade

to discern beauty

behind the barricades.

The road to healing

requires removal of

nets, walls, fortresses, and barricades

to get to the beautiful

place of healing.

To listen from the heart

and not to

negative self-talk in the head.

I may need to rent heavy equipment –

major demolition project,

for my intention is to heal.

XO Lisa

2 comments on “Musings Beauty Through the Netting

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  2. Lisa, I find strength in your metaphor of the safety net in our lives. It may be a loved one, a dear friend, a colleague, and always our Lord. Others see our strengths when we sometimes overlook them. Peace be with you.

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