Badass Calendar Notes

Well let’s just examine these little pearls of wisdom day by day:

Saturday/Sunday : “Your reality is created by what you focus on and how you choose to interpret it. This goes for everything, including the things you focus on about the people in your world.”

This resonated with me. Of course, my reality this week is leading up to Sunday. I have set the intention to heal. I am healing. I will heal. If I focus on the sadness, I will not heal. I choose, instead, to focus on gratitude. Even if I am just grateful for being able to find one thing to identify, it’s a small step forward.

Monday: “We’re all attracted to, as well as turned off by, various things about other people. And those things that stand out the most to us are the things that remind us the most of ourselves. This is because other people are like mirrors for us: If somebody bugs you, you’re projecting onto them something that you don’t like about yourself, and if you think they’re awesome, they’re reflecting back something that you see in yourself that you like (even if it’s not developed in you yet).

This one is interesting… food for thought.

Tuesday: “LOVE YOURSELF and the bluebirds of happiness will be your backup singers.”

I get the ‘Love Yourself’ increasing happiness. However, bluebirds of happiness? Seriously? Must’ve been an off writing day…

Wednesday: “It’s important to look for ways to be grateful for all that you’ve manifested, even things that you might label under “No, thanks.” If you focus on the negative aspects of the more challenging things in your life, it will just lower your frequency, keep you in pain and resentment, attract more negativity to you, very possibly make you sick, and very definitely make you crabby. If you instead look for ways to be grateful for everything in your life, it not only raises your frequency, but it allows you to grow by opening you up to the lesson.

Wow, wow, wow.

Look for ways to be grateful.

Look for ways to be grateful.

Look for ways to be grateful.

If you cannot think of one,

be open for the lessons


be grateful for the knowledge.

XO Lisa

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