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Just Six (Silly) Questions

I’m answering these silly questions by A Guy Called Bloke because I admire the title 15 Ninths and 31 Shades of… My note: Well nice way to let my weird imagination run wild!

Just Six Questions Season 2 Game 1

So here goes:

1. Do you think more marriages means more happiness? [Interpret as you wish]

Not necessarily. I’ve already had two. First ended bad, but was not all bad. Second was all amazing, but he died. It really depends on if someone knocks on my door that I can be myself with, because I am not looking, and can’t even abide the thought of doing the dating scene thing again.

2. In the current climate are you talking to yourself more or less … interpret as you wish, but are you talking to yourself more or less when it’s warmer or colder?? Yeah, yeah that climate not the other climate unless you do want to answer the question under that climate.

The current climate in my head is silly and content, so the voices are pretty silent right now. When my headspace becomes dark and cold the voices think they can come out to play. But as soon as I acknowledge them, they go away. (I really don’t have voices, as in multiple personality voices, it’s just how I describe my self-talk).

3. Do you prefer to buy your own flowers for the house/home, have someone buy them for you, steal them from the neighbours garden or sneak into the local undertakers and help yourself to the pretty bunches? [Asking for a friend]

I buy my own because 1. I’m allergic to most of them and 2. Nobody’s sending any. Your friend (or your wife) muse wants you to buy flowers- just put on your big boy pants and do it- regardless of were you get them from! LOL

4. Have you found yourself to be more or less reflective recently? As in when you look into a mirror ….

Yes. The mirror doesn’t lie, and I try not to lie to myself

5. What’s your special weird habit? I don’t mean Monks either unless you are a Monk, then l do mean what is your weird habit … erm like?

I refuse to answer that question on the grounds that it might incriminate me.

6. When was the last time you literally woke up and smelled the coffee?? I know like what ever next ? The last time you smelled a ? Exactly!!

I don’t drink coffee. But the last time I really wanted to get out of bed in the morning was when I was in London.

However, if the unknown someone from #1 happens to knock on my door someday so I can indulge in #5,

not care about #4,

shut up #3,

and no longer buy #2 for myself,

I would want to stay in bed

later in the mornings,

and most probably go to bed

much, much earlier…

enough said.

XO Lisa

2 comments on “Just Six (Silly) Questions

  1. Well done Lisa! And your numbered finale made me smile. I buy flowers too because no matter who’s in your life, life is short, too short not to have the joy of flowers around. And then I often end up sharing some of them with someone else…double the joy! 🥰

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