contentment healing mourning Moving Forward

Mourning + Contentment = Healing & Moving Forward

Image: Pixaby

I went to bed last night with feelings of silliness

and perfect contentment

in where I was

in that moment in time.

It may sound illogical,


even psychotic and weird,

but truth nonetheless.

I woke up this morning

in the same state of mind.

I’m not used to

this feeling of contentment,

being truly myself,

knowing deep in my soul

that I am okay,

where I’m supposed to be

in this moment in time,

and that I can handle

whatever comes my way

in life.

It’s been a long time

since I’ve felt this way.

Am I still mourning my Love?

Yes, forever.

Am I still healing?

Yes, a forever process.

But am I content?

Yes, today.

Am I weird

and perhaps a little crazy?


But all of that,

the whole

mourning, healing,

weird, crazy, continuum

is what makes me


Content for now

that I am in the right place

at the right time

to accept what happens next…

I can’t wait

to find out what’s in store!

Stay tuned-

it will be marvelous,


and simply glorious,

of that I am sure!

XO Lisa

7 comments on “Mourning + Contentment = Healing & Moving Forward

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  4. Hey Lisa, many of us enjoy exploring our “wild” side once in awhile. I am happy for you. God’s peace!

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  5. Nothing is wrong with weird. Weird is good.

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