I have been meaning to write a new “Why I Write” post for some time now. Mainly because opening the ‘Blog Posts’ page and scrolling through the first post I wrote on this blog through tears is still incredibly painful to see, even now…

If you are curious, you can find it here:

Why I Write

So now for the Why I Write Rewrite:

I write because it helps me

see my way through the forest

even though the sad days

are fewer than before

they still come…

I write to share my journey

every messy, painful, brutal,

part of this grief thing and

the process of starting over

starting to live again

finding out who I am

after living entirely

thinking only of others

for 40 years-

and naively hoping that somehow

by writing this all down

it might help another.

Please don’t feel sorry for me,

I gave everything to

those that I loved

without reservation-

my love,

my children,

my parents,

was the caregiver to all

past the point of exhaustion,

willingly, and

with no regrets.

But make no mistake,

it’s now time for me

to find myself

to dig deep

slay my demons

conquer my darkness

overcome my fears

to do what’s good for me

to let in only the right people

to have fun, new experiences,

listen to music on full bore,

dance in the car,

to live, love, be kooky,

be kinky, embrace my weirdness,

and truly, fully, exponentially live!

But to also show that if

I hang on long enough,

lean on my G-d and my tribe,

scream when I have to,

cry when I need to,

talk only when I want to,

melt down occasionally

when it all gets to be too much,

but never give up:

I will survive

I will heal

I will make it

I will love this life

I will be a warrior


I will be radiant.

XO Lisa

14 comments on “Why I Write Rewrite

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  3. Like!! Great article post.Really thank you! Really Cool.


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  6. Looking forward to more rewrites as your life will enjoy exciting chapters to come. God’s peace!

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  7. “…listen to music on full bore”

    This is what I do, and I can fully recommend it 😄! Definitely time to really live and be true to you! That goes for all of us. Thanks for sharing Lisa

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  8. You are radiant my friend! I’m so very happy that you are taking this time for you! It sounds like you have had your hands full for years. Good years and good memories, no doubt. Embrace the weirdness and be kooky! I love it! 😆 I pray healing for you and happiness. 🙂💕

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