Rest peacefully in heaven Jeff

January 2020

You were the first cousin I looked up to…

loads of fun,

living life to the fullest,

larger than life,

and rolling with every punch life delivered then landing firmly on two feet.

An inspiration to many, including myself, your light and love of life shone brightly on everyone you encountered here on earth.

I will miss you, as will everyone who knew and loved you.

As I sit here, crying, I can imagine your welcoming committee as you crossed over to meet our Savior in heaven: Terry, your Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, Dana, my Parents, all our relatives who have gone before – a host of souls welcoming you home.

Rest peacefully in Heaven Jeff…

I will see you again someday,

of that I am sure.

XO Lisa 💔

8 comments on “233 Rest in Heaven

  1. Amen! So many of us think of the day when we see again those whom we have valued in our lives. When I think about this, the list grows and grows. Blessings Lisa.

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  2. oh what a beautiful poem to your cousin Jeff dear Lisa. I’m so sorry to hear.. holding your heart from afar.. xoxoxo 💖💖💖

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  3. Judy Ammons

    My deepest sympathy to Peggy Merges and your family. Terry will have greeted him at the gates of heaven. Rest in peace Jeff

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  4. That assurance that we will see our loved ones again is so nice to have!! ❤

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