Desperate times

Call for desperate measures…

“Deer apocalypse” underway!

The phrase is not mine, one of my dear friends who has many, many beautiful flowers posted on FB about her “deer apocalypse” last week. She is not alone.

I am OK with deer netting because I always forget to spray the yucky smelling stuff on the plants – and it costs a lot to use throughout the growing season.

The netting isn’t pretty, but neither are plants with tender, tasty, buds eaten off by deer.

The deer netting, I suppose, is kind of like us humans.

We have fences in the form of idiosyncrasies, warts, baggage, and some of us have scars from past experiences- much like the plants eaten by deer.

Not so pretty to look at on the outside. Some of us are hefty, skinny, all shapes and sizes.

But look past all that, our fences, and you may just see a pretty personality.

Look even deeper, and a beautiful soul might shine through.

I am grateful for the beautiful souls in my life!

XO Lisa ❤️

3 comments on “Gratitude 197

  1. Lisa, thanks for blessing us with this analogy. Our interactions with nature teach us much about God’s Word.


  2. Deer are beautiful, but they will eat a garden up! We had to put out a deer alarm to keep them out of our vegetable garden last year.
    Loved this post. What a good analogy!

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