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Frozen Badassery Greetings and a Question

Like most of the USA, Cleveland, Ohio is still frozen…

More snow is expected today and then a welcome break (but no temperature thaw) until Tuesday next week.

The blue dot on this sweet little screenshot is where I am located in the USofA:

ForeFlight App

Many thanks to Bill for app-sharing with me! I love phone apps!

But the question swimming around in my overthinking, over curious brain is “Just what term should I use introduce Bill to my friends, children, etc.?”

It seems kind of silly to call someone in their late 50s a boyfriend – there has to be something better…

I just can’t imagine introducing someone I am dating who is over the age of 55 as a boyfriend. He is by no means a boy, and I am well past being a girl!

Introducing Bill as Roxie’s love (my dog – she loves him lots, he spoils her terribly) would just be wrong, even if it is true.

I did a web search, but nothing but insanely stupid terms popped out and one thing I hate more than anything is stupidity.

Some of the suggestions were just appalling –

Significant Other is too formal.

Gentleman Friend – pLease, it’s pretty obvious that he’s a male.

Sweetheart – fine for in private, but for an introduction?

Paramour – was suggested, but since the first definition is “an illicit lover, especially of a married person” that really could turn some heads for those who may know the English language.

Gentleman Friend – could apply to any gentleman who I am friends with.

Co-conspirator – sounds pretty fun!

Friend with benefits – not on your life.

Another funny suggestion – Love Warrior – woo hoo! Come on!

How about my first inclination to introduce Bill by his name.

That works for me, but if you have any suggestions, even funny ones, please feel free to comment below.

XO Lisa

19 comments on “Frozen Badassery Greetings and a Question

  1. oh I was gonna say Billy Boo but Scott beat me to it.
    Lover boy probs wouldn’t go over well with the kids.
    I like My Beau. oh IDK but I’m happy for you!❤️

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  2. I’m about 5 min outside of Philly and my yard looks similar to your lol. We’re kind of kicking ourselves in the ass by not having our ancient heating system replaced last year. I had to trek down to the basement and click the 100 thousand year old oil rig button twice last night…😒
    We were planning on moving which is why we decided to save that money. Now we are still here after an unexpected and sad turn of events…..and an ancient heating system that’s on its last leg. Good thing I have a big family…we could just all huddle together like cats to keep warm if it came down to it lol.
    About the “What to call Bill”….I always wondered if women (my age and up lol) felt a little silly saying boyfriend. It doesn’t seem to stop them though lol. I once heard a woman say she had a special man friend and it gave me the creeps….😶 I think as long as you don’t use ‘Special Man Friend’ then you you’ll be fine lol.

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  3. Bill works! In a pinch . . . could resort to “Partner in Crime.”

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  4. Bill is a good idea. Co-Conspirator is really cool, too, though.

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  5. Lisa, you could be like the kids and call him your boo or bae😂. I hope you are doing well. Stay safe. Scott

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