St. Stephen’s Day, Boxing Day, Kwanzaa, Day of Goodwill, and National Whiner’s Day (among others).

The day after Christmas

Relaxing here.

Just waiting for the temperature to go up a few degrees so I can go outside and clear the driveway again now that the winter storm warning has expired.

My Christmas was amazing- I hope yours was as well!


I left home on Christmas Eve afternoon to get ahead of the storm. Didn’t quite beat it, but after I traveled 30 miles west (in 90 minutes) it was smooth sailing!

I was thrilled to pick up my 12 year old grandmiddle on my way to son’s house.

It was such a treat to spend an hour in the car with her alone. We talked about virtual school, her drawing, writing, ZOOM, music, and all kinds of things.

Christmas Day was fun.

Sadness kept at bay by reveling in and with the littles.

I returned home to a winter wonderland of snow, parked in my neighbor’s driveway, layered up, and proceeded to clear out my own driveway.


Hiring a snowplow is expensive. I have only used the snowblower a handful of times in the last three years. I took a gamble this year and decided not to hire someone to plow the driveway.

It’s a good thing I gave up playing blackjack and slots a very long time ago!

The rest of my evening was looking very quiet and relaxing.

Then an interesting thing happened!

My good friend Tanya sent out an invitation over Facebook that someone was going live in a ZOOM meeting. I clicked in and was connected to Tanya and Laurie – a spiritual medium. She was talking and painting rocks!

Long story short, Larry, Dana, and my mom came through with messages. I found out who has been hiding things around my house and moving things. Thank you Dana and Larry, and thank you so much for letting me find them before I think I’m going crazy.

Larry flickers the lights, I already knew that.

My mom is still concerned about me, that will never change.

A few more other really cool things happened, like Larry’s answer “Eh” to a question about someone in my life currently (of course he would, the response made me laugh hysterically). He also mentioned white tennis shoes, my toaster oven, and the music in the car….

He is just as exuberant, bossy, encouraging, and funny on the other side as he was while alive here. Who would’ve thought?

That hour just capped off my night as one of my best Christmas’ ever.

I am looking forward to the year to come.

XO Lisa ❤️ living a gratitude filled life!

3 comments on “The day after Christmas 2020

  1. Laurie Smith

    It was such a magical night. It felt like things happened exactly as they were supposed to happen. The way that Spirit helped each other, helped us, and we helped each other, just shows how we really are all a team. Thank you for sharing that time with me and thank you to Spirit!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Robin Salyer Williams

    You forgot to mention about Larry wanted Fudge LOLO. Beautiful message thank you for sharing my dear friend

    Liked by 2 people

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