Yesterday (my birthday) was the last night of Hanukkah.

I lit the candles in honor of Larry. Have lit them every year since 2005.

Usually their place of honor is in the front room.


As they were, every day for the last 9 years

with no incidents whatsoever.

Last night they started there…

Then a funny thing happened-

the smoke detector went off!

I moved the Menorah into my serenity room, the den.

The smoke detector stopped,

and all was well.


My conclusion was that the nine little candles were certainly not hot enough to set off the smoke detector, it never happened before – even with two Menorahs full ablaze.

It also stands to reason that the celebration of Hanukkah was Larry’s favorite time (eight gifts in a row, who wouldn’t love that), coupled with the fact that it was my birthday.

Therefore, I just said, “Hello Larry, thanks for making your presence known”

and went about the rest of my evening.

Stranger things have happened…

at least he didn’t throw anything around!

XO Lisa ❤️ living a gratitude filled life!

2 comments on “A Funny Thing…

  1. This “funny” moment happened for a reason. You have been blessed Lisa. God’s peace!

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