Badass Moving Forward

Badassery 10/16

Well hello little badass calendar

No copyright infringement intended

Woah… so many words of wisdom here

Asshole(s) you don’t care about

and who don’t care about you

stewing in it

they aren’t worth living rentfree in my head or occupying my thoughts

sending a box of rats in the mail

I was thinking more of The Godfather’s revenge, but my mind travels down dark roads sometimes…


Here we go on the letting go theme again

getting rid of the brain stink

that carries over into life.

Message received!

XO Lisa ❤️

4 comments on “Badassery 10/16

  1. Forgiveness gives you power. Resentrment and bitterness gives the other person power.

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  2. Lisa, I love your Badass calendar. All the statements are true and we need to be reminded of them. Have a great Friday.

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