“The people you think are the happiest are usually the saddest; that’s because they see more and feel deeper than others do. They are the sensitive and they see beyond the veil of what’s tangible and what’s not. They wear no masks and can see through the masks of others. The sensitive to life are few in number, which is why they feel so alone…because they are all alone.”

― Donna Lynn Hope

Happy, Sad

Deep feelings


Tangible, intangible

No mask, no filter

The ability to see through others

feeling all alone…

I saw the quote above and felt the familiar catch of my breath,

recognition in my soul

read it over and over

wondering what I could say

about the words that popped out on the screen.

first thinking, ‘The state of being alone – is it so bad?’

Then identification.

I know these people who are the happiest yet the saddest

I am them.

I am a living, breathing, dichotomy.

Happy on the outside, yet a river of sadness has always run through my being.

Overall the river is calm,

sometimes a babbling brook,

then randomly a whitewater rafting adventure complete with waterfalls and rapids.

Maybe because I have always been an overthinker

Certainly because I have always looked at the world as an outsider

Perhaps because most of the time I feel like I do not belong in this crazy world

Definitely because I live in the present with my sights on eternity and not this life.

I know myself very well, for I have embraced my shadows.

I regularly feel alone in a large group of people – feel most comfortable in small groups of like-minded individuals,

can count my inner circle of friends on one hand.

Solitude is how I choose to think of the state of being alone.

The word does not have such a negative connotation in my mind.

I have learned to be comfortable in solitude.

In becoming comfortable with solitude I have come to know myself

love myself,

and be me

the true me

the complete me

the real me.

I have come to the point where this overthinking outsider who doesn’t belong, lives in the present with her sights on eternity, and knows herself very well is finally to the point where she can consider welcoming companionship into her life.

Not due to a fear of being alone

or wanting someone to complete me – I am a complete human being in and of myself,

but only through embracing solitude and thus embracing myself have I come to this point in my life.

Question(s) of the Day

Do you know people who are happy, yet sad?

Are you most comfortable alone, or around groups of people?

Feel free to answer in the comments, or post on your blog with a ping back to Grateful, Thankful, and Healing Blog

XO Lisa ❤️

2 comments on “Unapologetically Real 9

  1. Cindy- I could live with that! ❤️


  2. Great post Lisa! I prefer to call them the richest. ❤️🤗

    Liked by 1 person

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