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Musings Gratitude Day 108

Today I am grateful for:


I saw this meme on Instagram today and had to share.

I have mentioned many times that I was broken.

Many people think they’re broken,


broken has such a negative connotation.

Since I saw this little piece of wisdom in the form of a meme,

I’ve been thinking that the term “broken“ should never be used to describe a human being.

“Broken” implies that one needs fixed, that one is less than perfect in their own right, less than optimal, less than the human being that G-d intended them to be.

And while that may be true on many levels because they might have lost their way, they might be going through hard times, they might be facing themselves, their darkness, heartbreak. addiction, demons, mistakes, and merely need someone to listen.

Just someone to be still, quiet, and listen.

They may need to be told that somebody believes in them.

They may need to be shown unconditional love, maybe for the first time — and learn how to love themselves.

They may need to learn how to trust.

They may need to be told, to actually hear, and believe that healing is possible.

But nobody,

nobody is truly broken beyond the grace of G-d.

All I need to do is ask, receive, and believe.

Ask, receive, and believe.

Ask, receive, and believe.

I am grateful for healing from hurt.

XO Lisa ❤️

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