14 months, 13 days

Yes, sometimes

I still count…

440, 14+13,

The numbers eight and nine, respectively.

The number eight balances achievement with gratitude, represents fortitude and things turning around eventually.

The number nine is the number of magic and completion, but not finality.

Nine is my life path number.

If I believed in numerology, I would be pleased.

Back on topic and out of the rabbit hole…

14 months, 13 days

the length of time in my life

that seems like 100 years

and yesterday,

all in the same breath.

Most days sunny now,

with an occasional chance of showers

and a rare thunderstorm.

The hurricanes have passed

with healing work

and self-discovery.

Tornadoes can be stopped

with breathing and stillness.

Pain remains below the surface,

however, it serves a purpose

to always remember the love

and never, ever,

settle for less.

XO Lisa

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