Grateful Gratitude Series Moving Forward

Musings Gratitude Day 38

Today I am grateful for neighbors

who make big booms

that rattle the windows

when I am sitting inside

avoiding the 4th of July fireworks

because Larry loved them so

and I just can’t face them this year

… even on television.

But something about the booming

draws me outside.

It sounds like a war is going on

the war inside me

the war to stay stuck in sadness

or to heal

sadness or heal

sadness or heal

sadness or heal.

I choose to heal

My intention is to heal

I will heal.

I got in my car

went to a parking lot

felt Larry beside me

and watched the most glorious

neighborhood fireworks display

on all four sides.

Near and far.

Better than any municipal show.

Even better, I daresay, than NYC.

I felt like a child again

My Independence Day!

Happy, bubbly, in awe

like it was just for me.

… and the full moon was beautiful as well.

XO Lisa

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