Today I am grateful for you.

I am also grateful for my intention to heal.

“Nothing has the power to hold you in the state of pain except your own self.”

—Huma Zuellah Ahmed, 37 Lessons on How to Gain from Loss: A Believer’s Journey from Trial to Triumph

A big part of healing after the death of a loved one is honest expression of pain. Not holding it in, but releasing it.

Thank you to all who are reading this for being non-judgmental at my angst and pain that, more often than not, pours out in these blog post on days that are particularly unbearable.

Thank you for bearing witness to moments of clarity in my messy round-about process.

But most of all, thank you for your unwavering support through, thoughts, prayers, likes and kind comments.

I am grateful, thankful, and blessed.

My intention is to heal. Writing helps me to release the pain. Think through it. Draw conclusions.

“I am better, like the tree that’s been stripped of its limbs by fire begins new growth after a period of time. Still rooted in the same dirt, in the same location, with its new growth appears to be the same tree; but it’s not. It has lived through a devastating blow that has forever changed its core.”

—Georgia Cockerham

My intention is to heal.

“I read this book once that said we meet the people we need to meet when we’re ready for them. Maybe that’s why we met. To try and help each other figure out who we are now.”

—Holly Jacobs, Just One Thing

I am grateful for you.

I am grateful that I am healing.

350 XO Lisa

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