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Rona Musings Acceptance

I was listening to a facebook live feed from author Tom Zuba last night. He shared this quote and it wouldn’t leave my overthinking mind. His words were:

“The opposite of what you know is also true to somebody else, somewhere else, because of their time, place, or circumstances. The opposite of what I know is truth for someone else.”

― Tom Zuba loosely quoting “Buddhist Boot Camp”

I will be honest, this quote blew my mind. Rocked my world. I am talking duct tape to keep my head from exploding.

Whether you’ve been following my blog for a little bit or since inception, you already know that I am not afraid to call myself out on things that I need to work on:

I am stubborn.

I am (sometimes) opinionated. Sometimes? That one is a hard one to admit.

I have a tendency to think without speaking. Correction, to speak before I think. I work on that daily. That is why when one speaks to me there are sometimes long pauses before I talk. I am thinking and overthinking.

While we’re on the subject of overthinking… enough said.

Which brings me back to accepting others’ views on reality as truth.

I want everyone to accept my reality. I do not seek understanding, just acceptance. Of me. For my beasts are mine to slay, shadows are mine to bring to light, darkness is mine to conquer. Just accept me as I am.

But sometimes I have difficulty comprehending others’ reality. I not only want to understand mine, but also theirs.

I realized that I do not have to comprehend others’ perspectives of reality, I just need to accept their reality as their truth. Accept them as they are.

The key to love and kindness is acceptance ― without judgement.

Mind blown.

“Compassionately understand that everyone is on his or her own path and, furthermore, honor where everyone is on that journey at every moment. No fear, no hatred, bigotry or animosity, just deep understanding, empathy, love, and respect for all beings.”
― Timber Hawkeye, Buddhist Boot Camp

XO Lisa

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