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Joyful Revelation(s)

Question posed:

“The death of your loved one

is not the end.

It is the beginning.

The beginning

of a new way of being

for you.”

“Do you believe that this is true?”

Tom Zuba Becoming Radiant
Image credit: Pixaby

My response:

“I didn’t think

it would ever happen,

but it did…”

As suggested

by Mr. Zuba,

“238 days is not very long,

although it may feel like years.“

The work

yes, work

of healing

has been intense


I responded:

“It’s the right time

to become

the best version of me.

I just can’t honor my Love,

his love,

our love,

by living

in sadness 24/7.”

So I am,

have been,

continually doing

the work to heal…

When grief hits-

as it will-


I lean in

no longer

hiding, evading,

stuffing feelings,

or ‘getting over it.’

I cry when needed,

talk about my Love,

recall memories

without shame,

regardless of whom

I am talking to.

I decided to live

with intention,




and gratitude-

then pass it on

whether I felt like it

or not.


the consciousness-shift buzzing


with these

small decisions that

turned out to be

ginormous! (is that a word)?


But will grief over

any loss

ever be “over”?

Absolutely not!

Will it become


I don’t know.

What I can attest to

is that living in

an attitude of


has helped

ease the sting,

buffer the burning,

let rays of sun

into the grief wilderness

so the way forward

is clearer.

Happiness has

made its way


into my life.

That’s enough!

XO Lisa

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