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Grief 196 Days On

Yesterday’s blog post described my state of mind when My Grief Journey Began.

I admit, it was rather dark.

Grief is encompassing darkness, at least in the beginning.

One grieves not only the immediate loss of a loved one, but also future expectations.

Today, 196 days on, I find happiness in little things:

My grandchildren

Children and bonus children


Music – a lot of music


I am learning to be silent

and just listen.

I cry when I need to and

laugh at silly remembrances.

I am letting light from memories

shine through my broken heart.

I am taking care of myself by

saying no

and saying yes to adventure.

I have removed some toxic

people from my life,

become reacquainted with

old friends, and made new.

All in all, while I am still sad,

life is less cloudy

with glimmers of sunshine.

And that’s enough –

for now.

193 & 8/365 XO Lisa

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