new life


182.5 Days

Christmas Day

25th December 2019

4:45 PM

Exactly six months

since my Love




Knowing him and

his love of everything


he planned it that way

I’m sure he did

He probably didn’t

but what irony….

That exactly

182.5 days

falls on Christmas…

My holiday, not his

to remind me

that my Love will

reside in my heart

always and forever

until I breathe my last.

It’s fitting that my Love

shattered my heart by

leaving first

because he helped me heal

my former brokenness.

No longer am I

the aimless, wandering,

on a path of self-destruction,

broken soul

as before we met-

due to his love.

Now I am left with

a heart that is

broken but healing


it is up to me

to keep the

memories intact

and remain open

instead of





My Love would

want that,


expect that of me.

He always desired

the best for me

in all things.

I will honor his memory

by doing

what he would wish.


I will be open.

I will not be broken.

I will not be aimless.

I will not settle for less

than I deserve.

I will heal.

I will be me.

This is my mantra

to honor my Love.

182.5 XO Lisa

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