Grateful Gratitude Series Life at the Birdfeeder

Life at the Birdfeeder – Gratitude 167

The birdfeeder out front not only provides a great deal of stress relief and amusement, but is also a small microcosm of human behavior going on in the world today…

Sometimes there are bullies that get their own way because they are bigger or have more clout:

Sometimes the free food train experiences shortages

and bird wars at the feeder ensue. But there are some who are content to stay on the ground and pick up the leftover droppings

that the squirrel and chipmumk didn’t already store away.

Then there are the birds who are are not content to be bottom-feeder scavengers and are willing to explore new horizons. They are the go-getters who flew to the backyard feeder that houses two gallons of uneaten birdseed.

While the two merry birds are in the backyard eating to their hearts’ content, the front yard birds are still trying to find seed that has fallen to the ground and fighting for a place on the two bottom rungs to try to get the last inch of seed out of the feeder.

The other front yard birds are hiding in the bushes chirping so loudly that I can hear them in the house. I imagine that they are complaining that the free food supply has dwindled for today.

My question to myself is am I going to move out of my comfort zone and explore new horizons, or follow the crowd, participate in the bird wars, be content with the leftovers on the ground, and complain at the top of my lungs when life events do not go as I have planned?

I know the answer for my life, what say you for yours?

XO Lisa

13 comments on “Life at the Birdfeeder – Gratitude 167

  1. I am glad to be one of the visitors on this outstanding web site (:, thanks for posting.


  2. Lisa, thanks for sharing these thought-filled analogies. I am reminded to seek the precious treasures of each day.

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  3. aguycalledbloke

    Awesome post Madam Badass! I loved seeing the two species of squirrel side by side here, l used to have a colony of 40+ Siberian Chipmunks and that squirrel, is that a red? Whichever, a serious beauty. I love squirrels, used to have a lot of squirrel species.

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  4. loved you analogies here Lisa!
    Great post and pictures.
    I’m watching the birds feed their babies right now. sweetness💖

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