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Badassery 2/26/2021

Well hello little badass calendar

No copyright infringement intended

Yes, I made a few edits so this would resonate with me…

one thing that I forgot to change was crossing out “The Wild Rover” (a perfectly good song that I listened to via YouTube) and replacing it with “I Can’t Get No Satisfaction!”

When I was in the throes of grief, I listened to Disturbed, AC/DC, and many more artists – nonstop – the louder and harder the music, the better.


The noise drowned out the pain and grief

silenced the voices in my head

that were telling me that I couldn’t do this thing

I would never make it through

The pain was too much to bear.


I transitioned to silence

no music,


phone off,

eyes closed,

mind blank,

just listening to find peace and serenity.

I began participating in meditations at work three times a week and carried it over alone the remaining days, finding soft music to meditate to.

When I am not enjoying silence and a good book or documentary these days, I am drawn to gospel music – particularly the Gaither’s. It brings back my childhood and going to church with my grandparents in the Baptist church they helped to start in their hometown of Bellefontaine, Ohio.

I have learned firsthand that the only way to find answers when seeking is to silence the mind.

The only way to silence the mind is to shut off the noise – both internal and external.

The ability to shut off the noise and silence the mind to listen brings peace and serenity.

XO Lisa

2 comments on “Badassery 2/26/2021

  1. Lisa, I appreciate your edited thoughts. Music is indeed a useful therapeutic tool. Usually when I am writing, I listen to music with a peaceful presence. Blessings and best wishes with the rest of your week.

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