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Badassery 1/12/2021

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Positive thoughts and prayers reach to the heavens while negative thoughts keep us firmly grounded on earth.

Who wants to stay grounded on earth when reaching for the stars, our best life, peace, joy, and happiness is the ultimate goal?

“You are what you think all day every day. Focus your energy on positive thoughts that reflect who you want to be even if you don’t see that person yet.  ”

― Germany Kent

Living in a state of gratitude is the only way to transform one’s life to a peaceful, joyous state.

Pessimism has no place in a place of joy and peace. When gratitude is pervasive, the world is of no consequence.

“There is no excuse good enough to ever be out of alignment with love. You’re going to get hurt, and you will feel pain. Yet your purpose is to keep loving, anyway. Keep moving forward with an open heart. Love is a Divine gift given to humanity. Wasting it is no longer an option. Love is what brings light to a dark place. Love is what transforms a dying world into a thriving planet.”

― Alaric Hutchinson, Living Peace: Essential Teachings for Enriching Life

When I was experiencing the deepest pain, I was not sure that I wanted to live. The lens of Pain has a way of changing the way in which every situation is viewed.

So I leaned into the pain to experience it fully.

Because the pain is temporary, as is the distorted view.

As I leaned into the pain, I began to notice that different levels of pain existed.

When I was able to distinguish between transient sadness and throes of grief, my pain began to subside.

As my pain subsided, my view became clearer.

As my view became clearer, my will to live returned.

As my will to live returned, I was able to express gratitude.

As I expressed gratitude regularly, my heart became open and the world became colorful again.

“If you feel like this time you won’t survive the pain, remember that you will. You may not like it. There may be times when you don’t even want to, but survive you will. And thrive. And love again. This I know to be true.”

― Jeanette LeBlanc

Wishing you clarity of thought, colorful worlds, and open hearts full of gratitude.

XO Lisa ❤️ living a gratitude filled life!

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