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Just My Two Cents Worth

Image: The Associated Press 12:49 pm EST 11/4/20
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I rarely discuss politics because the subject is very polarizing.

People just cannot seem to act like rational adults.

I grew up listening to my Dad and my Grandfather debate politics hotly. But upon further observation, they took different sides each time. After that realization, their debates became sheer entertainment. There was no hatred, no ‘unfriending’, no vitriol, just honest debating. I loved it.

But that is not the state of the USA these days. There is more hatred than debate. More vitriol than peace.

But now that the ballots have been cast, I feel comfortable weighing in.

Why is everyone stressing out over the outcome of this election? Because they are listening to the partisan media frenzy? Because we like to think that ‘our’ candidate can really change the trajectory of this country?

I miss Walter Cronkite’s,

“And that’s the way it is.”

– Walter Cronkite

This isn’t the first time the race for President has been close, hotly contested, and the nation has been divided.

I promise it won’t be the last…

Notable examples:

1800- Jefferson v Burr

1824- Adams v Clay v Crawford v Jackson

1876- Tilden v Hayes

1888 – Cleveland v Harrison

1960 – Nixon v Kennedy

2000- Bush v Gore, remember ‘hanging chads?’

Now we have Biden v Trump in 2020.

Protests won’t settle the election.

Destroying cities will not change anything.

Neither will listening to the wall-to-wall coverage by partisan pundits and talking heads.

Stressing out will not do anything but make one a hot mess (see listening to wall-to-wall coverage).

I will not debate the Electoral College v Popular Vote, because it cannot be changed at this point for the current election.

What I will say is that this election, just like the contested elections in the past, is all will work out because there are processes in place for just such occasions in a Democratic Republic.

Look to history. It’s happened before, and it will certainly happen again in an imperfect Nation such as the USA.

Stay calm and carry on.

XO Lisa

PS- I will delete divisive comments.

9 comments on “Just My Two Cents Worth

  1. Wow! Proverbial can of worms 😉

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  2. where did you get this chart from? Because I was wondering did Biden steal Michigan?
    And did you know that 4 people already got banded from Facebook for saying “the votes been stooled”

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  3. I think to a large degree it is this….
    Never before have we faced an opposition that openly threatened to dismantle our republic, the fundamental fabric of our great country and the liberty and freedoms thereof and covert it into a socialist one…one by all historic accounts has not only ever succeeded but falls into communism. It is the handing away of freedom to be ruled.
    We have been so blessed for so long, where the poorest of us live greater than 90% of the world, that we have become spoiled to the degree of becoming oblivious, thankless, entitled to the very verge of giving it all away.
    But this remains unchanged….our G-d is still sovereign. G-d help us all.

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  4. sestansbery

    Definitely going to share this!

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