Badass Moving Forward

Badassery 10/26

Well hello little badass calendar…

No copyright infringement intended

You are silly today, and your suggestions, frankly, suck.

What do I want, what do I want…

First off, I have been on and off the FB dating thingy for a little while now. It’s full of scammers and ne’er-do-wells who think that real people will believe stories about being engineers on oil rigs, plastic surgeons or doctors on UN peacekeeping missions, stuck in foreign countries, needing money to get back home, military who need money (pLease), hijacking profiles and photos, details that don’t add up with a quick internet search, missing obituaries or supposed dead people found alive, want a fuck buddy, out to get what they can then disappear, or just want to chat because they are lonely. Statistically speaking 9.5 out of ten are scammers in one form or another.

Could make one jaded and disgruntled, or even more determined to find that needle in the big ass haystack.

I met my Love Larry online, but that was back in 2005 before the scammer thing took off like gangbusters.

So what do I want?

A real, living, breathing person who will accept me as I am, shadows and darkness, light and love, kink and depravity, past and all.

Someone who tells the truth, only the truth, and nothing but the truth.

When I question details, he will recognize that I am just asking him to confirm his stories because I can confirm mine. Hell, I am not afraid to produce proof, death certificate and all.

People with nothing to hide do not get upset at questions.

So that’s all, but I am finding out that in this day and age, it’s a tall order.

Everything else in my life is fine and dandy.

I am at peace.

I found my joy.

I am happy.

I just want a real person who isn’t intimidated by my questioning nature and my ability to solve mysteries, (but I would never admit to being a badass researcher).

Back to the badass calendar and out of my rabbit hole: I do deserve it, yes I do. I will settle for nothing less, even if it means spending the rest of my life alone!

Wish me luck and suggestions are always welcome.

XO Lisa ❤️

8 comments on “Badassery 10/26

  1. Sooo cool you meant Larry online and you may land a W.P. love in time…
    Did you say Kinky?
    Love you soul sis and have a good night! ❤️ Cindy

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