Moving Forward

A Little Bummer

Yes, I am a bit bummed out tonight

I didn’t know what I wanted for dinner tonight. Honesty, cooking for one truly sucks.

I settled on breakfast for dinner.

Simple, right?

Bacon, extra crispy, no nitrates, nitrites, naturally cured, no sugar added. Quite tasty! Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it!

Gluten-free toast.

And eggs.

My nemesis.

Usually I just scramble them because an egg over easy ends up runny, hard, or broken when the spatula is in my hands.

But tonight,


The egg universe was smiling

and my spatula produced two practically perfect over easy eggs!

Silky yolks

firm, not runny whites,

intact after turning over in the pan,

perfect for dipping!

My mom used to call them dippy eggs,

so did my sisters and I. Still do!

But back to being bummed…

I was so excited that my dippy eggs turned out practically perfect that I started eating before I snapped a pic.

I just couldn’t wait to cut open the yolk to see if they were as perfectly smooth as they looked. To check for the telltale hard yolk on the bottom that indicates overcooking- not there. To check the whites for runny ick- no runniness!

They were amazing!

An anomaly.

Perhaps never to be repeated…

No proof

except for my word

my sheer excitement

and my full belly!

I will take a victory any way that I can get one, even if it’s two practically perfect eggs with no proof whatsoever!

Now I am ready to go to sleep…

XO Lisa ❤️

11 comments on “A Little Bummer

  1. Just you wait until you start having dinner for breakfast xD
    Nothing SCREAMS grownup like starting your day with pizza 🤭🤣

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  2. I love breakfast for dinner. I take your word.

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  3. Love breakfast for dinner.. which I haven’t done forever. NO ONE would have know they didn’t look right!!! the pic was perfect but then again, your rhyme wouldn’t near be as clever.
    Sleep Well! ❤️🤗❤️🤗❤️

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  4. 1. Totally love breakfast for dinner!
    2. Runny whites 🤮 Hell to the NO
    3. Cooking for 1, I’d probably starve to death. Oh, I can cook for sn army, that’s for sure but when it comes to just me…I’ve never been good with that. Maybe it’s that I just don’t feel the trouble and mess are worth it for just myself.
    When I got my first apt on my own at 17, my mom who I worked construction for, can banging on my door after about 6 weeks, drug me over to her house to feed me. Lol
    I worked construction all day, every day, went home and ate microwave popcorn and a cup of instant hot cocoa! Lol

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