Today I am grateful for special projects!

Image: Pixaby

I am up to my ears

in special projects…

at work and in my personal life.

They appeal greatly to my detail oriented brain.

I am not complaining at all!

All require



and research.

All characteristics that I’m trying to keep out of my brain in regard to my personal life.

I am trying very hard to teach myself how to relax.

I really don’t know how to do it, therefore, I don’t do it enough.

Seriously, I haven’t relaxed for so long that whenever I sit down and try to turn off my brain…

I fall asleep.

Even while asleep my brain doesn’t stop.

For instance, I found this note on my phone from August 11th whist looking for a password the other day:

“Last night’s dream:

I was a man walking hand-in-hand with someone I knew was my love

She dropped suddenly, after being hit by a poison dart in the back of her neck.

I got down on my knees to try to help her.

A dark person came around from behind me to help me up. I saw something in his hand- pulled out my weapon and shot him.”



I have no recollection of writing that, but it was really on my phone.

Anyone out there who interprets dreams?

I really need to learn to turn off my mind!

Someday soon I will be grateful for relaxing.

Setting the intention now!

XO Lisa ❤️

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