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Unapologetically Real 2

Question of the Day:

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I spent much of my life focusing on others.

Very little time was spent on me.

Okay, very little is an exaggeration to make myself feel better.

I cannot really think of a word for the miniscule amount of time spent focusing on myself from 1980 to 2019.

Since June 26, 2019, I have had no choice but to focus on myself.

It was uncomfortable, annoying, hard,

boring (well maybe delving into my own head wasn’t so boring),

and sometimes painful.

I have no difficulty thinking up those adjectives – or are they verbs? Sentence structure was never my forte.

Back on topic:

Focusing on myself was foreign. I am sure it’s foreign for many of us who have spent the majority of our lives caring for others over ourselves.

In an online article on the website Psychreg, Why Self-Care is Vital to Our Mental Health, Nicole Carman explains that self-care has many benefits:

  • Increased self-esteem
  • Enhanced awareness
  • Aids self-improvement
  • Boosts relaxation and rest
  • Encourages healthy relationships

The article gives tips for self-care that aren’t time-consuming (linked in title, above).

If self-care, e.g., focusing on oneself has so many benefits, why do I do it so reluctantly?

I will work on changing my habits today!

Question of the Day:

What have you done lately to focus on yourself?

Feel free to answer in the comments, or post on your blog with a ping back to Grateful, Thankful, and Healing Blog

XO Lisa

4 comments on “Unapologetically Real 2

  1. Lower face lift and neck lift. There it is. I said it and you are the only person I’ve told about it too or you would’ve read it already on my FB page.
    I’m still recovering and that isnt pleasant at all but I do feel more confident, more in synced with the vitality and energy I feel. I didn’t want to look 20 again…not at all. I didnt want to look like anyone else. I didn’t want a new face….I wanted my old one back. To look in the mirror and recognize the face in the mirror as my own….and not my mothers. Lol.

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