Badass Moving Forward

Badassery 9/30

Well hello little badass calendar!

No copyright infringement intended

Another message that I can relate to.

I am a certified card carrying over thinker

(I suppose that is an understatement).

Detail oriented in many areas,

I have been making pro and con lists for many years.

Sometimes I didn’t want to think, I just jumped in…

Those were my biggest mistakes in life.

Lately, I have been really trying to consult my heart over my head.

Become more empathetic and less process oriented in my personal life…

Be empathetic towards myself.

To not think, “How can this problem be solved?” when it isn’t my problem to begin with.

Creating a new reality, changing a long-standing pattern of behavior, breaking a habit of being, is hard work.

I don’t always succeed.

But when I find myself overwhelmed,

I just breathe through it

take some time for myself

cry if I need to

no longer hold in emotions

call someone if I am drowning

and soon it passes by like a car traveling 100mph on the highway when I am going 75.

Cheers to perception shifts!

XO Lisa ❤️

4 comments on “Badassery 9/30

  1. I am not altogether sure we are not the same person! Lol

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