Today I am grateful for cobwebs…

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My brain felt like it was full of cobwebs this morning.

I slept hard for 8.5 hours.

Didn’t move at all.

Missed my alarm.

Only woke up to the sound of my phone pinging with a ‘good morning’ text.

2.5 hours later, I am still a bit slow

…and that’s okay!

Because I slept hard for 8.5 hours and didn’t move at all.

I am so grateful for sleep-induced cobwebs of the brain, especially when just one year ago I rarely slept at all.

The cobwebs will clear out soon,

and I’ll be up to speed.

But they forced me to wake up slowly


take it easy


and be quiet…

not jump into the morning full-throttle like I am used to doing.

It was a welcome change.

Here’s to cobwebs

and good change in sleeping habits!

XO Lisa ❤️

12 comments on “Gratitude Day 116

  1. Oh that lovely and so poetically delivered! Yay, that’s very cool to sleep that well and not rush for a change. I have cobwebs in the darn house to but I just watch them.. lol. ❤️ Cindy

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  2. aguycalledbloke

    Top quality expression Lisa, excellent read 🙂

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  3. So glad you got good rest! That’s always a plus! I’m still trying to clear the cobwebs, so to speak, this morning! 😂

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