Cesspool covid-19 Gratitude Series Moving Forward

Musings Gratitude Day 109


Gratitude is a funny thing,

It helps me look at the world

from a more positive viewpoint.

Even though I swear

a lot,

even though I’m all out there

for the world to see,

even know I don’t take crap

from anybody.

Recently, I hopped back on Facebook dating.

It hasn’t really changed.


It hasn’t really changed.

The scammers are still active. Their scripts are basically the same. Easily recognizable.

That’s a no.

Some people are not honest and upfront from the beginning and have multiple issues.

That’s a no.

There are the people that one meets, then never hears from again. Like ghosts in the night.

Okay, whatever.

Then some come on so strong that one wonders what problems they are hiding.

Umm, take it easy, cowboy!

Some have become friends.

That’s perfectly okay!

Whatever happened two old-fashioned ‘let’s get to know each other slowly, see if we’re compatible, and go from there’ dating?

I suppose that lightning bolts and signs from the heavens are out of the question in this day and age of keyboard warriors who do not have to look people in the eyes when they are talking.

Especially during this time of Covid.

So I say: ‘Whatever!’

When that person who is meant for me comes along and we meet face-to-face, I’ll know… (and so will he).

Until then:

I am good…






I know my worth!

Maybe it will never happen,

and that’s okay too—

for that I am grateful !

XO Lisa ❤️

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