Gratitude Series Moving Forward Peace

Musings Gratitude Day 103

Today I am grateful for peaceful sleep…


chilly nights

sound sleep.

I always thought that sleep was overrated until I didn’t sleep well for more than a year.

I teach about the importance of sleep, go figure, but I didn’t sleep. Couldn’t even.

My brain in grieving mode was on overdrive.

Before grief I was used to being awakened at odd hours by machines alarming, taking care of others, and my own nightmares.

But I have been sleeping soundly lately and it is heavenly.

Today I woke up gently before the alarm clock to my dog sleeping on my pillow next to me.

My mind is clear, not foggy

…a new feeling indeed!

Instead of overthinking, I will run with it and hope it happens again.

I am peaceful.

XO Lisa

3 comments on “Musings Gratitude Day 103

  1. Nice to hear.

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