courage Moving Forward


I weeded my little garden…

and found:

Several daylily plants blooming

amongst the weeds

with buds ready to bloom more!

The little plants

not giving up

even when


lost in the shadows

cast by the choking weeds.

I could learn a lot from these plants…

Sometimes I give up

on myself…

I let the weeds of life

overrun in my head

When I don’t take the time

to identify weeds

and pull them out,

cast them aside,

all I see is shadows.

But when I do take the time

I can see the sun’s light

… and there just might be some blooms left

… some hope budding

after all.

XO Lisa

2 comments on “Discoveries…

  1. A wonderful discovery! I agree Lisa, nature offers us life applications when we least expect it.

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