Badass Moving Forward

Badassery 9/5-9

Well hello bad ass calendar, I’m sure that you felt neglected all week!

So I am playing some catch-up…

5/6 — Keep the faith even when your ass is on fire.

Oh wait, you said in the fire. No difference as far as I’m concerned. Fire is good, for it burns us to ashes so we can rise like a Phoenix!

7 — Here’s that procrastination theme again. Yes yes yes I know I have to clean out the basement. The thorn in my side. The bottomless pit. The keeper of memories that I do not yet want to address. Stop it already. Today, fun activities are beckoning.

8 — Love Yourself and you will be invincible! Thank you for the reminder! I do! I am!

9 — Pushing through obstacles. I’m really not bragging on myself, but after the last 14 months and some odd days I’m pretty much a master at this one. The road less traveled has always been my preferred route.

XO Lisa

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