Badass Moving Forward

Badassery 8/20

Well hello little badass calendar!

I think I’m gonna have to disagree with you today.

You must have some painful stories.

I have some too,

but painful stories can be less painful

if they are turned into lessons.

Lessons are positive!

In addition, I have many stories that are not painful.

Stories that I choose to remember.

Stories that I bring up in my mind when I want to feel happiness.

Memories that I hope to never forget.

Memories that I turn into stories and share so that they will never be forgotten.

So in a roundabout crazy sort of way,

we agree…

however, I would re-write thusly:

Nothing in this world is permanent, including our stories.

Yet we try to hold onto them for false security, which can bring happiness, sorrow, grief, or pain – the choice is ours.

Be willing to let go of the pain by looking for the lessons.

Be willing to let go of sorrow and grief by encouraging healing. Practice gratitude!

Write down your happy stories so you will never forget them.

Continually reinvent your story as you continue to grow and evolve!

Now that sounds a bit more optimistic, doesn’t it?

XO Lisa

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