Badass Moving Forward

Badassery 7/6

I will admit that

I haven’t always held my tongue

sometimes I still struggle with that

Okay, sometimes is a bit exaggerated

I struggle with holding my tongue and many times I don’t succeed.

In fact, sometimes I let loose with swear words that are sailor-worthy.

However, I am really being mindful, my intention is to stop and think before I speak so as to not say anything hurtful

paying attention to my motivation,

as the wise little calendar points out.

Warning: if we are speaking to each other and there is a long pause, I am searching – really searching for kind words.

Either that or I am trying to multitask and it’s probably not working, but usually I would go with door #1.

If we get to door #3 and I say goodbye hastily or walk away for a bit. Do not, I repeat, do NOT follow me. It might not be pretty. Just let me calm down.

Enough said…

XO Lisa

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