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Rona Musings Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day

was a day of sweet moments


cutting, ironing, and sewing for the now larger-than-life mask making machine, and being alone physically (most of the day) due to f*cking Rona (yes, I swore).

I talked with a dear childhood friend early in the morning and later in the day.

My son called first to wish me a happy Mother’s Day.

I called my daughter-in-love to talk and see how she was doing on the first MD without her mom.

My daughter house-partied in and we talked for a long time – she even wanted to listen to me play the keyboard, and placed her mask order…

Talked to another wonderful childhood friend who is also alone during Rona.

My bff, husband, and godson surprised me by dropping by with food on the way to GS’s ASVAB test for the Air Force – more mask fabric chosen.

I got another messenger call from Son and SURPRISE! It was my four-year-old granddaughter who wanted to ‘play faces’! I so LOVE ‘playing faces’ with her!

The rest of the day was filled with more phone calls,

house-party app visits,

meditation music,

sweet memories of past mom’s days filled with trays of dandelion bouquets and plates with still-squealing bacon and runny eggs for breakfast in bed ‘cooked’ by my children who stood by with massive grins waiting for me to eat every last bite,

memories of my wonderful mom,

rewriting ‘Why I Write’ to reflect my now,

listening to live feeds,


did I mention mask sewing?

XO Lisa

2 comments on “Rona Musings Mother’s Day

  1. Lisa, your Mother’s Day looks and sounds wonderful (even the masks sewing). I called my Mom and she told me she was planning to bake banana nut muffins later in the day. She is quite the baker, and I definitely miss her muffins.

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