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Grief, Groundhog Day, and Palindromes

Today, 222 days

on 02/02/2020

Both palindromes

on Groundhog Day no less.

We always laughed at

weather forecaster rodents.

My Love adored the

Groundhog Day movie.

I guess there’s something cool

about being able to live a day over

until one gets it right.

But that brings up a question:

Isn’t grief a lot like

Groundhog Day,

and a palindrome?

Grief is the same loss backwards

and forwards

regardless of if one starts from

left or right.

Like the movie, it seems like

one is living the same day

over and over every day,

but without any chances

to get it right…

But the good news is,

we have a choice:

To learn to live with the grief,

ignore the shadows,

and see that spring with its

possibility of new life

could be

just around the corner


we can continue to live

in the cold winter shadows

of oppressive grief.

I choose sunshine.

What choose you?

222 & 33/365 XO Lisa

P.S.- If you haven’t experienced unyielding grief, do all you can to get another chance to make it right. One day, there will be no more chances…

4 comments on “Grief, Groundhog Day, and Palindromes

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